About us

HereinUK is the number one ranked Chinese social media account in the UK with a total global following of 10 million on Weibo and WeChat. We produce original content which covers a range of areas including news, lifestyle, travel and entertainment, not only in the UK, but across the rest of the western world.

HereinUK’s Weibo account has 7.42 million followers and is ranked by Sina as the 87th most influential of all accounts across the entire platform. By monthly average, it has grown by up to 150,000 followers and over a million followers actively interact with the account. Its mostly young (18-25 year olds) demographic is comprised of a 61% female and 39% male audience.

On WeChat, HereinUK has 2.47 million subscribers, 44.4 million monthly page views and a yearly page view of 240 million. Its audience is 2/3rds female and 1/3rd male, and encompasses a wider age range of 18-35 year olds. It predominantly uses Simplified Chinese.
HereinUK’s large number of followers and networks have brought great value to the account and its clients. We have been working with a number of top brands such as SK-II, Vivo Tmall.com, JD.com, Land Rover, Union Pay, and Mercedes Benz.
We understand each brand’s needs and are able to produce quality campaigns through creative social media strategies. Our team is look forward to working with you in the near future, together we can increase your brand awareness and improve sales revenue in the global Chinese market.